Safe Shopping: 2020 Edition

Last year, I posted the below blog. After “Black Friday.” Whoops. This year, I thought it worth posting again – this time beforehand! – since my audience has grown dramatically (thank you so much! Seriously, I am so humbled!), but updated to reflect both advances in technology and the global pandemic where necessary. So without further adieu, the 2020 guide to safe holiday shopping!

With gift-giving season officially beginning in the United States (and at least a few other places, I presume), I figured this would be a great time to discuss safe shopping tactics. I don’t feel like this needs any sort of real introduction, it’s pretty self-explanatory, so let’s begin.

Take some time to think about which of these strategies can benefit you most. HTTPS is something that takes just a few minutes to set up and you never have to think about it again. A PO Box can be easily added into your routine by renting one nearby or on your way to/from work (if you have a concern about stalkers, you may want to consider getting one in a nearby town instead). Cash can be handy as well to help you stick to a budget. I hope these tips help keep you safer online this holiday season, and good luck finding that perfect gift!

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